The Atelier du Geste Rythmé by France Schott-Billmann is dedicated to the transmission of Expression Primitive and to the training of animators and/or therapists who wish to use this kind of artistic mediation.

France Schott-Billmann is the director; Eric Julien, defender of the Indian case, introduce her in the following terms: “Psychoanalyst and dance therapist, France Schott-Billmann is above all a passionate. She has been exploring archaic rhythms for years, in order to give back their place to the cycles and the rhythms which constitute the living beings. A joyful and effective path toward the transformation of the self”.

The Atelier du Geste Rythmé proposes week-end workshops, a summer workshop in August, training workshops and workshops abroad, whose hours are valid for both the Atelier and the DRLST trainings (see the window The association). The training can be paid at the personal training price (paid by the participant) or at the continuous training price (financed by the employer). It includes 350 hours that can be attended in France or abroad (Belgium, Greece, Argentine... in partnering with the DRLST association). . You are free to start whenever you feel to, in every moment of the year, to take part in the workshops following the order you wish, to choose your own rhythm and your own schedule. Except for the workshops in Paris, all the training workshops are residential and they take place in a countryside gîte (accommodation) in the region of Paris (77).

Concerning France the yearly workshop possibilities include: 4 week-end workshops, 3 training workshops and a summer workshop, that is 250 hours in all. Then you have to add 100 hours choosing other workshops in the following year.

The cost for 250 hours (one year) is:

  • personal training: 4 week-end workshops - 120 € + 3 training workshops - 380 € + one summer workshop 525 € = 480 + 1140 + 525 = 2145 €.
  • continuous training: 4 week-end workshop 250 € + 3 training workshops 660 €+ one summer workshop 950 €= 1000 + 1980 + 950 = 3930 €.

The total price/350 hours (one year + for instance 2 training workshops the next year) will be:

  • personal training: 2145 + (2 x 380 ) = 2905 €;
  • continuous training: 3930 + (2 x 660) = 5250 €.
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* In the region of Paris the accommodation is excluded from the reported price. If you are interested in one of the workshops, please contact us.

** During the August workshop the meals are included.


If you wish to enrol you can send a letter or an email indicating the date of the workshop you have chosen. You should address the deposit (60€, or 70€ for the August workshop, or 80€ for the workshops in Greece) to : Atelier du Geste Rythmé, 4 rue Lalande, 75014 Paris. The deposit is non-refundable .

You result enrol when we receive the cheque.

The residential workshops take place in a countryside gîte in Vaux sur Lunain (Seine et Marne). The price for the accommodation -20€ per night- is in addition and it must be paid directly to the responsible of the gîte.

•Vaux sur Lunain, Responsible of the gîte : Mr Henri DOUBLIER

Ferme de l'Abondance, 18 rue de Lorrez-le-bocage, 77710 Vaux-sur-Lunain,

Phone: (0033) 01 64 31 50 51.

How to reach Vaux sur Lunain:

  • - By train: the closest station is Moret-sur-loing (20 km from Vaux). Trains from Paris Gare de Lyon. To check the timetable : (0033) 01 53 90 10 10. Taxi till Vaux : 30 - 35 €.
  • - By car: 85 km from Paris (Highway A 6, exit Nemours, the dir. Sens, or A 5, exit Forges, dir. Montargis until Lorrez-le-bocage).

30 km from Fontainebleau, 18 km from Nemours, Montereau and Moret-sur-Loing.

If you don't have a car it may happen that some car drivers are looking for passengers.

In both cases please contact the Atelier.

4, rue Lalande, 75014 Paris, France

Training organism n°11 75 50 965 75

Phone : (+33) 0143200194

Email :

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