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Expression Primitive: the dance trance that thinks.

The pulsation came back in our Western society during the 20th century through the waves of jazz, rock and techno. Nowadays the pulsation asserts itself by actualizing traditional forms as the New Zealanders All Black haka, or by modern forms as the hip-hop, the rap or the new generations' logobi.

Expression Primitive belongs to this trend. It offers to the people from the city a powerful experience of coming back to an essential, beautiful, effective and accessible dance on the rhythm of the drum.

It is a global way of expression that associates singing and dancing, a playful and convivial dance. Expression Primitive has therapeutic properties, giving trust in ourselves and stabilizing the mood. It allows to play aggressiveness and seduction without any danger and in a poetic way. It prevents from depression problems, it soften the sense of heaviness, it puts us in contact with our roots, that is a condition for authenticity. Expression Primitive makes the body and the soul become younger...

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